Deals & Offers

Dorothy Perkins is one of the most well-known clothing brands on British high streets. The company, which was founded in 1909, now has over 600 stores in the UK and has expanded to more than 50 countries around the world. The company is also very present online, offering many superb deals for its customers.

Deals and Offers at Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins regularly have great deals and offers, ranging from free delivery worldwide providing you spend more than their threshold. Also, if you make an order before 6pm, you can go to the store to pick up your order and avoid charges.

Products can sometimes be found cheaper on their online store, while their offers section also has great deals. For example, you could pick up some jeans for £20 or two tops for £8.

Their newsletter also has offers and information about their latest promotional events. Students can also receive special deals at Dorothy Perkins. Online products can sometimes be up to 30% cheaper, while certain fashion stores could offer a 25% discount.

How to Use the Dorothy Perkins Discount Code

Dorothy Perkins offers its customers plenty of cool perks – from free shipping to discount codes. Ideally, you can sometimes use more than one voucher per order. To apply your Dorothy Perkins discount code, enter it into the “Redemption” box. If you have more, look for the “Add Another” button below the box and apply your other codes. The latest Dorothy Perkins codes can often be found on their website.

About Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins initially began as a lingerie and hosiery store, but since 1909 they have grown and now stock a variety of different clothing and accessories. As society has changed, so has fashion. Dorothy Perkins has shifted with the changes, selling the bra which became popular in the 1920’s, while promoting the miniskirt which grew to prominence after being introduced by Mary Quant in the 1960’s. Dorothy Perkins’ ability to change with the times has ensured it has remained relevant for over a century.

Recently, Dorothy Perkins started a magazine offering advice and updates about the latest styles and trends. It can be read online and it’s an ideal way to get yourself up to speed with all of the latest fashion, according to their experts.

Picking the Right Attire for All Occasions

Different occasions call for different attire styles and dressing codes. Similar to the Do’s and Don’ts in our daily actvities, picking the right attire requires time, forethought, and practice to perfect. Often, it is tricky picking out the right outfit especially where a dress code is not apparent from an invitation.

Here are a few events we attend and tips for selecting the right outfit to make you look and feel elegant.

Why Is It Important To Dress Appropriately?

The importance of dressing appropriately cannot be overstated. Obviously, you don’t want to turn up for a wedding in shorts or that pair of rusty jeans for a business meeting. On the other hand, you don’t wanna wear a dinner outfit to a football game. That would be downright daft!

Definitely, dress code infractions are highly apparent to the audience and can influence how you are perceived. For example, don’t turn up for an interview wearing sandals when a closed pair of shoes is suitable. Your interviewer might evaluate your worth and compatibility based on that element alone.

Dressing Appropriately for Every Occasion

For most events, it’s typically evident what one should wear at the outset. Attending your son’s Little League football game decked out in jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers are fine. Formal or business casual is perfect for job interviews. Watch what others wear to these events to find out what to wear. If you are unsure about what is appropriate, call ahead and find out what is expected.

But What Should I Wear For Different Occasions?

You have heard the phrase formal business or casual Friday, but uncertain of what to wear for an event. Below are helpful tips to help you decide on what to wear for various occasions:

Casual Wear: casual attire means you can wear anything from t-shirts and shorts to button up front blouses and khakis. Nonetheless, you need to know more about an event before making your decision. Considering an event’s venue, weather conditions, and others can help you pick the fitting attire.

Casual Friday: this is a popular term in everyday parlance. However, the casual Friday look is more consistent than what you would for a football game at your local high school. Keep it in mind that you may encounter your supervisors when choosing what to wear for this occasion.

Resort Casual: typically, resort casual attire consists of a pair of shorts, a skirt, a top, and slacks. Or you might wear a nice shirt or top matched with comfortable sandals, or bottoms. Think about how your pictures portray you to others when picking up your attires when on holiday.

Business Casual: with business casual, strive to look neat and well collected. Don’t look like you are headed to a cocktail party. Also, avoid tight or oversized attire. Go for good fitting clothes that are always in vogue.

Formal Business: this look is for the high-flying professional who desires upward mobility as well as treated with seriousness. For this look, desist from appearing cheap or flashy at the same time. Your business suit doesn’t have to be expensive for you to achieve the formal look.

Formal Wear: one of the trickiest dressing codes to pull off. Often, women are expected to be long gowns in dark suits or tuxedos appropriate for men. But mid-calf or shorts dresses are available that qualify for this look. Find out if black or white ties and dark suits are appropriate for the occasion.

What to Wear To a Wedding

Wedding Attire: you can turn up for a wedding in any of the above attires. Where the invitation doesn’t explicitly state what to wear, let the time and venue guide you. Perhaps, you could call and ask beforehand. For a daytime beach wedding, turn up attired in a resort semi-formal style. Ladies should don a sundress with a shoulder wrap and sandals. Men should try a polo shirt, slacks, button up shirts, and a lightweight jacket. Use discretion to decide whether you should wear a tie or not.

Courtyard weddings call for a more formal look than beach weddings. Women should wear a nice skirt, dress, or pantsuits. Men should go for slacks, a button-up shirt, a jacket, and a tie. If the wedding is held at a church, tea length or knee length dresses are appropriate for women. Equally, men should wear a pair of nice pants, a suit, matching jacket, and a tie.

Evening weddings are typically extra formal affairs. So, peruse your invitation card to find out how you ought to dress. If nothing is apparent, call the bridal party and ask for directions of what you should wear.